KA Imaging X-Ray Systems Celebrates 2020 Milestones

KA Imaging is unstoppable. Looking back to 2020, the X-ray systems manufacturer KA Imaging can describe it as “rewarding”. Despite all the difficulties brought by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the team was capable of remarkable achievements.

Reveal™ 35C: ready to go

Reveal™ 35C, the world’s first portable single exposure dual-energy X-ray detector, received FDA Clearance and a Canadian Medical Device Licence after years of dedicated work.  “Reveal offers a better image analysis by differentiating between bone and tissue. This feature, coupled with portability, makes Reveal an efficient solution for these challenging times,” explained Karim S. Karim, CTO at KA Imaging.

Reveal is currently being used in a clinical trial on pneumonia, including COVID-19, at a Toronto-based hospital.  This is the second clinical trial to use the detector. Reveal is also being tested on patients with lung cancer at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, with promising results.

inCiTe micro-CT: quality and flexibility

inCiTe™ micro-CT has proved its quality with some excellent real samples, as displayed in a series of photos last October. From lightweight concrete aggregate to titanium implants, this bench system has shown that its unique combination of high spatial resolution and detection efficiency, enhanced by phase contrast technology, can bring noticeably better results in different applications.

3D reconstruction of a lightweight concrete aggregate performed by  KA Imaging's inCiTe micro-CT.
3D reconstruction of a lightweight concrete aggregate performed by inCiTe micro-CT..

And if 2020 was a year for the company to complete the development of its products, 2021 will be the year to officially bring them to market. “We could not be prouder. Reveal gives us the chance to make a significant contribution to the health world,” said Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging. “With inCiTe, it’s very gratifying to know that so many fields could have their research improved,” he continued.   

KA Imaging’s team is still working from home to assure everyone’s health and safety. The members are continuously working hard to provide innovative x-ray everywhere.