Reveal 35C Featured in FIND Report on Tuberculosis Screening

KA Imaging Inc. was featured in a report about digital chest radiography and computer-aided detection solution by Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics. The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) explores the market of radiology equipment and solutions for screening TB1, a disease that is ranked top 10 cause of deaths worldwide2

The purpose of the report is to help readers understand the different technologies used in performing chest X-ray radiography along with the progress of diagnostic X-ray imaging. Reveal™ 35C X-ray detector is the world’s first dual-energy detector, enabling bone and soft-tissue differentiation in one single exposure without motion artifacts. This new technology allows for better visualization, is highly affordable and can easily upgrade fixed and portable settings.  

Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics partnered with World Health Organization and Stop TB to raise more awareness of the Tuberculosis epidemic. Nearly 4,000 people dies from TB every day1 but is unrecognized as the COVID-19 pandemic remains in the headline a year after.  


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