KA Imaging’s Reveal 35C Shown to Find More Pneumonia Cases than Traditional X-Ray


Company will be exhibiting at 2021 RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting  

Waterloo, Ont. (Nov 17, 2021)  

“Data drives decisions and with the latest trial data, we are positioned for growth,” says Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging. In a paper presented earlier this year, the Reveal 35C technology was shown to detect 33% more pneumonia cases (including COVID-19) than traditional X-Ray1.  

Reveal 35C is the world’s first single exposure portable dual-energy X-ray detector. Reveal is retrofittable and can be called a detector-side dual-energy upgrade: simply by replacing the detector, any existing X-ray system can be upgraded to dual-energy. With the same radiation dose as a chest X-ray, it creates 3 images without motion artifacts (standard digital X-ray, soft tissue and bone), giving the ability to see the lungs and soft tissue without having bones obstructing the view. 

The paper presents the initial results of an ongoing clinical trial that is being carried out in Toronto (Canada). “Although Reveal has been available for sale in both the US and Canada for the past year, we have enrolled Reveal in a number of clinical trials to demonstrate the significant improvement in clinical outcomes compared to standard digital X-ray,” says Karnick. 

According to the company, Reveal 35C enhances the use of dual energy, benefiting not only radiologists, but the entire service chain. 

“It’s good for radiologists, who can access supplementary dual energy X-ray images for faster and easier reading,” explains Karnick. “It’s good for imaging technologists, who can offer patients more comfort by bringing the detector to the point of care and getting high-quality images even in challenging settings such as critical care units; it’s good for administrators, who can optimize the use of other equipment across multiple departments; and it is especially good for patients, who have more comfort and early access to treatment for diseases that could go unnoticed until they become more serious”, he concludes. 

KA Imaging at RSNA 

KA Imaging is exhibiting at 2021 RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. The company is located at booth 6544 in McCormick Place’s North Hall level 3. 

  1. Sanchez F, Kandel S, May M, Ronghe S, Rogalla P. Diagnostic value of dual-energy chest x-ray in immunocompromised patients to rule out pneumonia: initial results. European Congress of Radiology-ECR 2021, 2021.