KA Imaging Creates Subscription Model for Reveal™ 35C to Support Hospitals During Pandemic


Hospitals are facing financial pressures despite the increasing need for COVID-19 care because outpatient and non-emergency procedures are declining.

The American Hospital Association estimates that American hospitals incurred more than $202 billion in losses between March 1 and June 30 of this year.

“COVID-19 has identified a significant problem in the healthcare industry,” said Karim S. Karim, CTO of KA Imaging. “Hospitals need higher quality portable diagnostic equipment to minimize the spread of infection.”

Correctly detecting COVID-19 pneumonia, and other pulmonary diseases like cancer requires innovative medical imaging solutions. Conventional X-ray is not ideal because of poor sensitivity. Despite CT being a gold standard, it is neither portable nor affordable. Dual-energy subtraction X-ray is more accurate than conventional X-ray, uses less radiation than CT and is affordable but it is not portable.

KA Imaging’s Reveal 35C is the world’s first portable, single exposure, dual-energy X-ray detector that enables bone and soft tissue differentiation without motion artifacts. Not only can Reveal 35C replace any existing X-ray detector in fixed and mobile X-ray units, it is universally compatible with all analog and digital X-ray units.

“We were asked how hospitals can meet their needs for high quality portable imaging during the pandemic and Reveal 35C is the solution,” said Karim.

KA Imaging has introduced a new hardware subscription commercial model to help hospitals acquire Reveal 35C immediately. With a fixed monthly payment, hospitals can upgrade their X-ray units with a portable Reveal 35C detector, access service and updates, plus receive a new detector every five years. Drop protection is also available. Reveal 35C is currently available in the USA and Canada.

“We really want to get our technology into the field so we can help patients and hospitals in these challenging times,” said Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging.

Many American hospitals were struggling before the pandemic, and now half may be in debt, according to the American Hospital Association.

“The need for portable X-ray has increased due to safety measures being taken in hospitals. Portable X-ray devices are easier to clean and reduce the number of patients being moved around. Reveal 35C can easily be taken to the bedside of a patient in an emergency or critical care setting,” said Karnick.

Not only is higher quality and portable imaging needed now, but also for the future.




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