KA Imaging Makes International Distribution Agreement with Top-Unistar

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Introducing InCiTe™ micro-CT and BrillianSe™ X-ray Camera to Asian markets 


Waterloo, Ont. (June 28, 2021) – KA Imaging has announced an international distribution agreement with Beijing-based Top-Unistar Science and Technology Co., LTDChina for patented technologies aimed at the scientific field: the BrillianSe™ Xray camera, and the inCiTe™ phase-contrast benchtop micro-CT system. 

BrillianSe™ is an X-ray camera that uses a patented amorphous selenium (a-Se) sensor. BrillianSe™ provides a unique combination of micrometer-scale pixels and high detection efficiency for energies up to 120 keV. This combination enables efficient, high resolution imaging at high energy, as well as phase-contrast enhancement for improved sensitivity when imaging low-density materials. 

inCiTe™ is the first commercial micro-CT system to use the BrillianSe™ device. It is a revolutionary benchtop micro-CT system capable of phase-contrast and can achieve voxel sizes down to 0.8 µm. inCiTe™ is ideal for use on biomaterials, polymer composites and other low-density materials.”  

“This international agreement is another remarkable addition towards bringing our innovative technologies to the global markets. inCiTe and BrillianSe can benefit different fields of local research, like non-destructive testing (NDT), additive manufacturing, electronics, agriculture, geology, preclinical imaging and specimen radiography.” said Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging. 

Armand Lee, CEO of Top-Unistar, is pleased with the new partnership. “While focusing on X-ray products and the research market, Top-Unistar always keeps an eye on the needs of the industry as well with its larger volume and ROI. With our global partners like Ka Imaging, that develop and provide more efficient solutions, we will be able to further expand our customer target,” said Armand. 


About KA Imaging 

A spin-off from the University of Waterloo, KA Imaging specializes in developing innovative X-ray imaging technologies and systems, providing solutions to the medical, veterinary, and non-destructive test industrial markets. For more information, please visit www.kaimaging.com.   


About Top-Unistar 

Founded in 2013, Top-Unistar is committed to introduce cutting-edge, unique X-ray products and best solutions to China Synchrotron facilities, institutes, universities and high-end industrial users. 

By working with the world’s leading X-ray products manufacturers, the company has accumulated numerous experiences in X-ray domain, assisted several start-ups to enter Chinese market, and achieved steady sales growth year by year. 

Products range from X-ray source, EUV/SXR/X-ray Optics, EUV/SXR/X-ray detector to X-ray system. Company also enables the capability of providing customers with x-ray solutions and launched a tabletop laser-driven X-ray source–FemtoX II with independent intellectual property rights in 2016. 



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