Imaging Physicist/Engineer Presents Poster at AAPM Annual Meeting 2021


Standardization and Innovation

KA Imaging’s Sebastian Maurino, Imaging Physicist, Engineer, and Imaging Research Team Lead, presented a poster virtually at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Annual Meeting 2021, titled Dual-energy Subtraction Efficiency: Development of an Objective Quality Metric for Tissue-subtraction Radiography.

The research proposed a new metric that incorporates the quantitative and qualitative properties of tissue cancellation using an experimental phantom approach. An analytical method for computing this metric was presented and verified in a variety of scenarios that attempt to simulate clinical situations.

The proposed Dual-energy Subtraction Efficiency (DSE) metric described a multitude of image properties to evaluate image quality consistently across a variety of dual energy X-ray techniques. This DSE and its measurement method show that it is possible to extend objective X-ray system evaluation to include dual-energy subtraction radiography.


“Creative Science. Advancing Medicine.” Was the theme for the AAPM 2021, which focused on exploring ways to bring creativity and scientific expertise to the medicine of the future.