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8 Features That Make Reveal Able To Join The Fight against COVID-19

Canadian manufacturer KA Imaging is seeking clinical and government partners for trials With numbers still climbing, the novel Coronavirus has reached more than 2 million confirmed cases worldwide. As the number of infections gets higher, experts from different fields are trying to find ways to help stop the disease from spreading. In the article “How […]

Advantages Of Phase Contrast: A Few Examples

inCiTe™ is a world-first phase-contrast benchtop micro-CT. Using KA Imaging patented technology, this X-ray microscope excels at imaging materials that have poor X-ray absorption, such as biomaterials, polymer composites and other low-density samples. inCiTe is also the first commercial micro-CT to utilize BrillianSe™, the highest spatial resolution direct conversion X-ray detector in the world for […]

KA Imaging Employees Work From Home Amid COVID-19

UPDATE April 04 2020: The office is still closed. Work and meetings will continue online until further notice.  == Office will be closed until the end of March; period can be extended In response to the emergence in Ontario of COVID-19, all KA Imaging employees are working from home for the next two weeks starting today. […]


How Reveal’s Technology Can Help Screen For COVID-19

The latest situation report from WHO points to more than 105,000 confirmed cases globally. As the number of infections gets higher, experts from different fields are trying to find ways to help stop the disease from spreading. In this interview, KA Imaging’s CTO, Karim S. Karim, discusses how Reveal’s technology could strengthen efforts against the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Reveal is undergoing IEC testing and will be submitted to the FDA for US 510K regulatory clearance in 2020.


KA Imaging’s X-ray Detector Allows Any X-ray System to Be Upgraded to Dual-Energy

Canadian manufacturer KA Imaging is preparing to launch Reveal, a premium X-ray detector that upgrades any X-ray system to dual-energy. “Reveal is the ideal retrofit solution as it will fit into any ISO standard size tray,” explains Amol Karnick, president and CEO of KA Imaging. Thanks to this feature, the cost of implementation can be reduced to a fraction of the price: whereas conventional dual exposure dual-energy systems can cost as high as half a million dollars, KA Imaging’s Reveal can be obtained at a quarter of this price. “You can simply replace your old detector with Reveal, as it will work with any conventional portable or fixed X-ray source,” continues Karnick.

Quality: everybody’s business at KA Imaging

Did you know KA Imaging has a Quality Policy? At KA Imaging, we are committed to the design and development of X-ray systems that meet the needs of our customers. Through the implementation of our quality processes, we will comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. We build […]

2020: a year of change for KA Imaging

2020 heralds a year of change for KA Imaging. For starters, the office in Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) became restrictive as the team expanded at an unprecedented rate—with three times more jobs created in 2019 than the year before. As a result, KA Imaging moved to a new location, a spacious 9,000 square-foot newly-renovated facility in Waterloo. […]