KA Imaging Employees Work From Home Amid COVID-19

UPDATE April 04 2020: The office is still closed. Work and meetings will continue online until further notice. 


Office will be closed until the end of March; period can be extended

In response to the emergence in Ontario of COVID-19, all KA Imaging employees are working from home for the next two weeks starting today. Work and scheduled meetings will continue online.

The Waterloo-based company has around 30 employees, 20 of whom work directly in the office. “The outbreak is growing. We need to be cautious and ensure we take the necessary steps to protect the health of our team and our community,” says Amol Karnick, president and CEO of KA Imaging. “We are doing our part to curb and contain the spread of COVID-19 so that we can all go back to normal daily lives faster,” he continues.

The initial two-week period of home-office will be revised and may be extended, depending on how the pandemic evolves in Canada.