2020: a year of change for KA Imaging

2020 heralds a year of change for KA Imaging.

For starters, the office in Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) became restrictive as the team expanded at an unprecedented rate—with three times more jobs created in 2019 than the year before. As a result, KA Imaging moved to a new location, a spacious 9,000 square-foot newly-renovated facility in Waterloo.

The office, however, is the smallest of the changes expected. “After almost five years of extensive development, we are starting to commercialize our line of products,” Amol Karnick, president and CEO at KA Imaging says. “Our focus is on our customers; what they need and how we can help.”

With an ambitious product and technology roadmap, the company is now developing strategic partnerships across the world. One example is the exclusive distribution agreement for KAI’s inline benchtop micro-CT system inCiTe™ with Angstrom Scientific Inc. (USA).  InCiTe™ offers revolutionary phase contrast micro-CT imaging and is ideal for use on biomaterials, polymer composites and other low-density materials.

On the medical imaging side, KAI’s dual-energy single exposure X-ray detector Reveal must be submitted for FDA clearance this year.

KA Imaging is a University of Waterloo spin-off and has scaled rapidly since inception. The company aims to establish itself as a major player in the X-ray detector industry. “It’s been a long journey for us. Our team has worked hard to strengthen our patent portfolio. We now have over 50 patents worldwide and plan to continue developing disruptive X-ray tech. over the next year,” concludes Dr. Karim S Karim, CTO at KA Imaging.