Spectral Imaging: The Next Frontier in Medical Diagnostics

Karim S. Karim and Amol Karnick, the visionary co-founders of KA Imaging, recently appeared on SkeletonCrew: The Rad Tech Show to discuss their innovative medical imaging technology. 

In this episode of Skeleton Crew, host Jen Callahan engages in an insightful discussion with Karim S. Karim and Amol Karnick, co-founders of KA Imaging, a Canadian company at the forefront of innovative medical imaging technology. The conversation revolves around the groundbreaking technology developed by them, specifically their portable detector powered by SpectralDR technology. The episode delves into the transformative impact of spectral radiographic imaging on medical diagnostics, patient care, and beyond. Shedding light on the company’s journey, the technology’s capabilities, and its potential applications across various domains.

During the conversation, they talked about the science behind spectral radiographic imaging and the potential applications of this technology in various medical fields. They also highlighted the benefits of  SpectralDR technology and how it can revolutionize medical diagnostics. Their passion for improving patient outcomes through technology is truly inspiring.

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