KA Imaging to Present on Portable Dual-Energy Tomosynthesis at ECR 2024


(Waterloo, February 20, 2024) – Can dual-energy tomosynthesis be performed portably? This is one of the topics to be discussed by KA Imaging’s Team Lead for Spectral Imaging, Steven Tilley, during a presentation at the upcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The study titled “Dual-Energy Tomosynthesis of the Chest using a Triple Layer X-ray Detector”, which yielded promising results, will be part of a Research Presentation Session.

Quoting directly from the proof-of-concept study, “Adding the material separation capabilities of Dual Energy with the depth localization of tomosynthesis may provide enough patient information to negate the costly use of computed tomography (CT) for many patients.” The use of SpectralDR technology for dual energy, as opposed to old multiple-exposure approaches, may enable portable, spectral tomosynthesis.

“Optimizing the use of equipment in the hospital can alleviate the burden on staff and patients. For example, moving a patient that is in the ICU is always risky. If there is an option to offer better images at the bedside, it will certainly benefit the entire care chain,” said Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging.

“Proving the feasibility of spectral tomosynthesis is important because the Reveal detector with SpectralDR  technology allows for material discrimination and identification, a key feature that is lacking in conventional tomosynthesis solutions . Like tomosynthesis, spectral tomosynthesis offers benefits including higher throughput, flexible patient positioning and point-of-care imaging with additional material discrimination capability that can enable clinical outcomes comparable to fixed CT, something that was not possible with tomosynthesis only solutions.”, said CTO Karim S. Karim.

Confidence in non-radiological environments

Another study to be presented at the Congress is “Dual-energy acquisition of portable chest X-rays: added diagnostic value in a non-radiological reviewing environment”. Presented by radiologist Dr. Patrik Rogalla, the research surveyed international reviewers with a variety of experience levels on portable X-rays.

The objective was to measure their performance reading Digital Radiography versus Dual-Energy images by the Reveal 35C. Outcomes were positive for the Reveal images in 3 different aspects: the change in median reading time for single DR versus three images was statistically insignificant; lines and tubes were better visualized; and dual-energy images markedly increased confidence for the majority of readers.

Technical exhibition

KA Imaging will also be part of the technical exhibition, showcasing the Reveal 35C detector (CE Marked), as well as mobile solutions. Visitors can also see some real clinical cases. The company can be found at Expo X2 (Lower Level), booth #226. The Congress will be held in Vienna from February 28 to March 3.