6 Reasons Why There is More to Reveal


It has been an exciting time for KA Imaging, having presented the first portable dual-energy X-ray detector to the world in 2018. In September 2020, after a great deal of dedicated work, Reveal 35C was granted both USA FDA 510 (k) clearance and a Health Canada Medical Device Licence which now enables the company to accomplish our marketing goals.

 35C’s unique technology is a benefit to any hospital or practice, and here are the top six reasons why:

  1. 1. Reveal 35C uses dual-energy subtraction radiography.

Dual energy subtraction X-rays subtract the bones so that the lungs can be seen clearly in one view, and subtract the lungs so the bones can be seen clearly in another viewThe differences in the degree to which body tissues attenuate low and high-energy photons are used to generate these tissue-selective images. This ability to subtract tissues leads to superior sensitivity in not only finding pulmonary abnormalities such as pneumothoraces hiding behind ribs but also in characterizing pulmonary nodules as calcified or notDual energy can help find and identify hidden nodules and masses, discover abnormalities associated with pneumoniatuberculosis and pneumothorax, confirm placement of indwelling devices as well as localize tumors prior to image guided therapy

  1. 2. One exposure produces three images.

With one shot, Reveal 35C provides a high-quality traditional X-ray, a bone-subtracted image, and a tissue-subtracted one. This is due to the unique triple-stacked layer design which allows for easy integration and high dose efficiency.

  1. 3. Images are free from motion artifacts.

The design also eliminates motion artifacts from the images. Motion artifacts are streaks that occur due to unavoidable motion due to the beating heartArtifacts can invalidate images and mislead radiologists.

  1. 4. DQE is as high as 75%.

Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) measures exactly how many X-rays are captured and converted to high-quality images. A higher DQE requires less radiation to produce a better image, so a patient is not exposed in the same capacity. In comparison, a conventional Computed Radiography (CR) system may have a DQE of 40%, and DR systems can reach efficiencies of 65%1.

  1. 5. It is retrofittable. 

Reveal 35C can be retrofitted into any existing X-ray equipment within a few hours. There are more than 10,000 conventional X-ray systems installed in Canada, 37,6611 in the U.S. and approximately 500,000 globally. There is no need to purchase an entire new system, Reveal 35C is available at a portion of the cost.

     6. It is portable. 

 Reveal 35C can also be taken right to a patient’s bedside, saving time, and providing precautions for patients in an emergency care or critical care setting. This is especially important during pandemic times when there is a critical need for imaging at the point of carePatients who can stay in one location would have a reduced risk of exposure to COVID-19 compared to those who have to be transported through a hospital to different departments.

Reveal 35C is already being used at two clinical sites in Canada (Kitchener and Toronto), with promising early results. The application of Reveal for use in diagnosing COVID-19 pneumonia is of particular significance now, and KA Imaging anticipates much more to come for this technology. 




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