Reveal™ 35C Featured in TAG 2022 Tuberculosis Diagnostics Pipeline Report

KA Imaging’s Reveal™ 35C X-ray detector was featured in a report about improving treatment and accessibility to high-quality screening for tuberculosis (TB). The Treatment Action Group (TAG) investigates the trends in tuberculosis and accessibility to high-quality treatment as a global community.

The Reveal™ 35C was listed as a tool for TB screening. Given the higher sensitivity of dual-energy technology when compared to conventional X-ray imaging, the images provided by the Reveal™ 35C can improve the early detection of both hidden cavitations and consolidations. The detector can also be used in portable applications, and in a primary care setting. Today, Reveal™ 35C is FDA cleared, Health Canada Licensed, and has a CE Mark Certification.

The pipeline report highlights the gaps in current TB screening methods and suggests technologies that can fill these flaws in screening. It allows readers to understand how we can combat one of the most under-detected diseases in the world. In 2021, only 6.4 million of an estimated 10.6 million people who developed TB were diagnosed and notified[2]. Of an estimated 450,000 people that developed multi-drug resistant TB, only one third were properly diagnosed and received TB treatment. The cause? Poor accessibility to quality TB testing.

The Treatment Action Group exists with the purpose of educating the world on how to combat tuberculosis, whose exponential growth in death toll is the due to the lack of accessibility to proper diagnosis. The report generates awareness of the tuberculosis epidemic and suggests medical technologies that are believed to enhance accessibility to high-quality TB screening.


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