Announcing ICE Webinar – July 27, 2021


Improving Department Results with Single Exposure Dual-Energy Subtraction X-ray: Clinical, Operational and Financial Benefits.

Registration is Open Now 

Dr. Karim S. Karim, CTO of KA Imaging, and Jay Potipcoe, Applications Specialist, will be presenting a free 60-minute webinar on Tuesday July 27 about improving department results by using single exposure dual-energy subtraction X-ray.  

Through this presentation, attendees will learn about dual-energy subtraction (DES) and the clinical benefits enabled through early detection of small nodules, pneumonia, pneumothorax, and coronary calcifications, as well as the operational and economic benefits that come from using the dual-energy technique. Attendees will also learn about current hospital implementations of single-exposure dual-energy X-ray.

Karim S. KarimPhD, PEngMBA: Karim has developed novel X-ray imaging devices and systems since 1998. He has supported two start-ups (Ignis Innovation and Ultrascan) and founded two companies (ActivPixel and KA Imaging) in the past two decades. He has raised more than $15M in research grant funding, trained over 40 PhD and MASc students, has co-authored 250+ publications and 50+ patents. Some of the X-ray circuit technology he developed is now used in ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in mobile phones and tablets.  

Jay PotipcoeBA, MRT: Jay is designated MRT with the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), having worked at hospitals and private imaging facilities for the past years. Jay has a strong background in general radiography, gastric fluoroscopy, orthopaedic intraoperative C-arm fluoroscopy, CT, and portable trauma radiography in ER settings. He is also experienced in infection control. Before joining KA Imaging as an Applications Specialist, he worked on the frontlines, providing X-ray exams and CT scans to patients suffering from COVID-19.