The Cyber Drop – an EPIC Event

The team at KA Imaging took part in an EPIC engagement event recently (held by our Event Planning Internal Committee), and in four small groups had to solve puzzles to escape the virtual Cyber Drop. 


This espionage-themed escape room tested each team’s skills as intelligence officers. In order to become great spies, the team had to escape a timeworn classroom and be admitted to the SSS Academy. 


To escape, the room had to be explored thoroughly, with each audio-visual element providing clues to the next step. The process was very interesting, although some players proved to be more expert at puzzle-solving than others! 


Team #1 made it out of the room first, in 41 minutes and 42 seconds, completing all the modules without using any hints. Participants could ask for tips throughout the process but would lose some of the overall time allowed to complete their mission.  


This event was an overall success, and everyone made it to the SSS Academy.  


KA Imaging has found that these fun events re-energize the team and boost spirits, especially since most employees have worked exclusively at home for more than a year. The virtual escape room allowed small groups to work together, who may not have had the chance to before, on an equal platform. It was a great way to engage the team and take a fun break together.